Alpha Test Details for the OEX(Testnet):

For your safety, only download the APK package from the OpenEX Network official website links. Avoid installation packages whose sources are unknown or unclear. Please validate the download link CID information with the APK installation package's SHA1 check sum, ensuring the package's integrity and safety.

Safety Reminders:

OpenEX Network does not store the 6-digit password used for wallet protection anywhere - it is absolutely crucial that you save this information yourself. If lost, recovery can not be assured. Our system uses keychain encryption in tandem with wallet unlock passwords to ensure secure login, even so, we do not recommend using root accessed mobile devices with our app.

If creating a new wallet to enter the app, please backup your wallet recovery mnemonic in the settings' backup option. We suggest writing this down on paper to prevent accidental loss, avoid using screenshots or photos.

We strive for improvements to your safety and user experience. Thank you for your understanding and for testing OpenEX Network alpha.